Festive And Patriotic Birdhouses For Your Yard

Welcome and thank you for coming by. In this edition we will be previewing patriotic birdhouses and several other types, too. Birdhouses are a great edition to any yard, front or back. The attention that birds give to these is always fun. Enjoy hours of entertainment and give those little birds a place to nest with a variety of different birdhouses. Birdhouses make a fine gift as they can be given to anyone. They can be hung or sit like lamps or they can be placed in a tree. The first birdhouse we look at is a patriotic themed one that is red white and blue and features a lighthouse with a small building next to it. What a charming little scene that can be enjoyed by 3 birds or more. Stars decorate the roof of the lighthouse while the stripes run vertically down it. It’s enough to inspire a round of the Star-Spangled Banner by everyone that sees it. Your birds will love this American themed house with plenty of room to nest and to make their home. Turn those little birds into little Americans like they deserve and let them whistle “America The Beautiful” while they tweet or fly about their daily lives.

If you’re in the patriotic spirit still and didn’t want the patriotic lighthouse, you should consider getting the quaint little Uncle Sam “God Bless America” house. A scene with Uncle Sam waiving a mini American flag will inspire your birds to American greatness and whistle an ode to American exceptionalism. Several stars stand watch over the house below and red white and blue swirls adorn the pillars that hold up the front porch awning. This oddly shaped house Is scary enough to make it an ideal place for little birds to hide from predators while resting from all their awesome American birdyness. If the Uncle Sam house isn’t for you, but you like the quirky design, you should go with the American fireworks house. A TNT sign outside the front door exclaims “Unneeded and pointless explosions mean freedom!” from the front porch of liberty. America means liberty and justice for all and that includes our fine birds too who, one can assume, will not mind all of the fireworks and bright flashes seen from the best view in the yard, the fireworks hut.

Thank you for stopping by the blog and thank you for reading. We hope that you found a little birdhouse for your backyard and for your soul. Thanks, and come back soon.