Choosing From Decorative Birdbaths

Is there anything more adorable than seeing a bird or 2 swimming and drinking from a bird bath. You could just watch them for hours on end if they’d just stay a little while longer. Not much beats that on the cute scale. Hello and thanks for stopping by the blog. Today we will be looking at several birdbaths and some of the cute features that they have and how to search for the best price on one. If you go to Google and search for decorative birdbaths. Make a list of all of the different things you are looking for in a birdbath. Its going to help you out later when you price shop. Its good to keep a list or bookmark the companies that you find that you like as well so it’ll be easier to find next time you want to go look around for something.

The first bird bath we preview is a distressed aluminum bird bath featuring a clever kitty who is sitting under the basin and he’s not waiting for water, he’s waiting for the little bird to fall down into his mouth. This would make a great addition to the backyard of most any cat or bird lover. The color is brown, and it comes in under $90 dollars with a weight of 7 pounds to make it very easy to have shipped and then set up. If you like your bird baths cat free, that’s great because there is a classically styled one called the Forest Frolic bird bath. Made of cast iron and weathered this nostalgic bath is sure to attract many birds for you to enjoy. This bath is more economically priced than many others at $70 and makes a nice if surprising addition to most gardens. This bath is nearly 18 pounds and while not terribly heavy, is more so than many of the bird baths you have to choose from.

The final birdbath we preview is the Leap Frog birdbath featuring a four-legged frog watching out below as a bird drinks from the bath above. This one is made of aluminum and weighs less than 8 pounds. Its lightweight nature means that its easy to install and move around if you’re unhappy with where it is for any reason. Thanks for coming by the blog and thanks for reading. We hope you’ve found a birdbath for yourself or as a gift. Please send us in a picture of your birdbath if you have one or have a cool story to share. Thanks, and come back soon.

Distinct New Garden Stepping Stones

Stepping stones were once stones used to cross small streams or creeks. That same concept comes to your garden with custom or original garden stepping stones. Thanks for coming by and thanks for reading. We will be previewing several garden stepping stones and how they might look in your garden. The first stepping stone is the “Friends are the sunshine in the garden of life” that features that phrase wrapped around a bright and pleasant sun. This dynamic addition to your garden is made of polyresin that glows during the night due to its glow in the dark nature. What a fun night you would have if you had several of these in your garden and its possible because these are only $20. They weigh only 3 pounds so ordering a handful is a cinch and so will setting them up in the garden.

If the glow in the dark stones aren’t for you, that’s fine because there are the “Welcome gnome” stepping stone. It’s a fun and whimsical stepping stone featuring a bearded gnome relaxing in your yard. It has mushrooms and vines all around to make Mr. Gnome feel right at home. Under 4 pounds and only $10 this gnome is ready to go home with you today. This stepping stone looks really good once it’s weathered a bit and has some moss growing on it and once it has been sitting out in the conditions for awhile. Nothing helps these stones fit in more than sitting outside in the conditions and slowly becoming part of your own lovely garden. If you’re looking for something more bright and vivid, there is always the multiple butterfly stepping stone. Its gorgeously painted and is only $10.

Thank you very much for coming by the blog and thanks for reading. We hope you found something delightful to add to your garden or home by looking today. Do you have a gorgeous garden with stepping stones or happen to have maybe a coy pond or a stream or creek on your property? You really should send us in a picture and let us know about it, we might be able to show it off in a future blog. We always love to hear from our readers and clients and if you send in a picture and an email with your story we could use it in a blog and share with our other readers. Thanks again for coming by and come back soon.

Festive And Patriotic Birdhouses For Your Yard

Welcome and thank you for coming by. In this edition we will be previewing patriotic birdhouses and several other types, too. Birdhouses are a great edition to any yard, front or back. The attention that birds give to these is always fun. Enjoy hours of entertainment and give those little birds a place to nest with a variety of different birdhouses. Birdhouses make a fine gift as they can be given to anyone. They can be hung or sit like lamps or they can be placed in a tree. The first birdhouse we look at is a patriotic themed one that is red white and blue and features a lighthouse with a small building next to it. What a charming little scene that can be enjoyed by 3 birds or more. Stars decorate the roof of the lighthouse while the stripes run vertically down it. It’s enough to inspire a round of the Star-Spangled Banner by everyone that sees it. Your birds will love this American themed house with plenty of room to nest and to make their home. Turn those little birds into little Americans like they deserve and let them whistle “America The Beautiful” while they tweet or fly about their daily lives.

If you’re in the patriotic spirit still and didn’t want the patriotic lighthouse, you should consider getting the quaint little Uncle Sam “God Bless America” house. A scene with Uncle Sam waiving a mini American flag will inspire your birds to American greatness and whistle an ode to American exceptionalism. Several stars stand watch over the house below and red white and blue swirls adorn the pillars that hold up the front porch awning. This oddly shaped house Is scary enough to make it an ideal place for little birds to hide from predators while resting from all their awesome American birdyness. If the Uncle Sam house isn’t for you, but you like the quirky design, you should go with the American fireworks house. A TNT sign outside the front door exclaims “Unneeded and pointless explosions mean freedom!” from the front porch of liberty. America means liberty and justice for all and that includes our fine birds too who, one can assume, will not mind all of the fireworks and bright flashes seen from the best view in the yard, the fireworks hut.

Thank you for stopping by the blog and thank you for reading. We hope that you found a little birdhouse for your backyard and for your soul. Thanks, and come back soon.